Tommy French Law, LLC


Tommy French Law believes clients deserve an attorney who is competent, compassionate and confident, without being arrogant. Someone who understands the importance of preparation and being confident in all aspects of a case.

Smith Group Behavioral Consulting, LLC


Smith Group Behavioral Consulting, LLC is a local company serving schools and families with children who suffer from behavioral and learning challenges such as autism spectrum disorders.

Renee Winkler Interior Design


Renee Winkler is a Interior Designer in Auburn, AL who believes that collaboration between designer and client is key to giving her clients their dream home




Web Designer/Owner

Web development using fluid, adaptive processes of design, prototype, test and review — creating content reflecting your brand values and bringing focus to the user experience.

Penny Fant.com

Brand Consultant

Penny is a specialist in business marketing and technology with a strong background in design, mobile web, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Caitlin Carroll Design

Graphic Designer

Owner of Caitlin Carroll Graphic Design, Caitlin creates culturally relevant, clean, inspiring designs using her experience, conceptual and technical expertise

Godwin Photography


Jesi’s and Craig’s warm personality brings out the best in their subjects.  They create consistently beautiful imagery for their clients.

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