ClaireAtWorkHype Cycle

  A Hype Cycle is a representation and conceptual presentation of the maturity of emerging technologies. This is really whats happening for me personally.

 A Hype Cycle has five phases, a technology trigger, a peak of inflated expectations, a trough of disillusionment, a slope of enlightenment, and a plateau of productivity. It’s about adopting a new form in society.

  At the age of 15, I was doing well in school; a straight A student, mildly socially awkward, structured and conscientious. I guess my teachers and family thought of me as a people-pleaser who hated to make waves.

   My older sisters were homeschooled into college and when my oldest sister suggested that my family as a team offer me the opportunity to homeschool, I wasn’t sure what that really meant, at least for me. I was just restless and bored enough of the curriculum to say yes.

   Within three months I’d made the decision to start my own company. That was phase one, the technology trigger.

Phase 1: The Technology Trigger. In the classical technology trigger phase there’s a potential breakthrough that kicks things off. Early proof-of-concept stories and media interest trigger significant publicity. Often no usable products exist and commercial viability is unproven. For those of you who have ever started your own company as a freelancer — especially when you’re producing digital content, not widgets on an assembly line, you know that the description of the technology trigger is perfect for the startup phase.

For me Phase 1 is my daily existence. The breakthrough was the potential that I could own and run a successful web design company. The proof of concept stories were the stories that my working artist sisters shared about what my potential could be. And they were the stories that my mother told me about her own experience in becoming an entrepreneur in the art and design business. They were the stories of the success within reach if I believed in myself. The publicity in the technology trigger phase 1 is when all eyes in the family are on you and their expectations both lift you up and make you question your abilities.

With my first real client, I realize that the finished product will be another piece of the trigger phase. As a young artist, designer, and web developer I am unproven. I’ve decided that I’d like to share my journey to becoming a commercial artist. I hope that this can help other young entrepreneurs to make the decision to ignore their age, their fears, their self-doubt, and any other limitations.